What better way to start a long day of sitting than with an active, fun event! Our morning breakfast runs are a huge hit. The staging is done just like a mini marathon event. Your participants will enjoy a festive atmosphere, complete with a colorful starting line arch. We bring weekend fun to a midweek work day and break up the monotony, without skipping a beat.. Each course is custom designed with and easy out and back route. Runners pick their distance of choice and have plenty of time to finish. Everyone leaves with a custom branded t-shirt, medal, and goodie bag, and smile!

KICK OFF Kick off your work day with a great morale booster and engaging social mixer. We can jump start your event with a whacky warm up session, an easy stretch routine, or a little mix of yoga. The more creative the event, the more it cultivates personalities. Nothing generates more lasting memories then people getting out of their comfort zone.. These events give people an experience to share and inspire camaraderie and fellowship. There’s no need to come up with an icebreaker here. Conversations come naturally and lend themselves to goodwill. It’s a shot of good energy that carries them through the day.
Running is for Everyone The 5k Run/ Walks are a welcoming activity for anyone and everyone. We always offer a 1k version for those who like a shorter option. Families with kids, especially enjoy this event. It allows them to feel a part of the convention and festivities by being a participant rather then the usual spectator. They can see new sights and mix with other attendees that they might not otherwise have met. Our staff manages the course and is personally out on the route to make sure everyone’s having a good time.
BOOT CAMP Demand for mini boot camps is ever growing. We customize camps for your group specifically and take into account, all ability levels. We find that health benefits don’t always have to be serious. There’s a huge success in mixing movement with humor. By removing the hyper competitive theme, it welcomes a greater sense of achievement and success as a whole. Everyone participates at their own level of fitness and shares in the feeling of accomplishment.
ADVENTURE If you have a group of adventure enthusiasts, we are experts in this arena. We’ve staged just about everything. We are constantly innovating new combinations of events. As a recent example; we staged the JH Mountain Games, in Jackson, Wyoming. This course included a mix of trail running, mountain biking, bouldering, paddle boarding, and, yes…paragliding! Any one of these activities is a great team building resource when mixed with team initiatives. We welcome new challenges and have an experienced team to meet your demands.
COMPLEX OR SIMPLE We bring the playground life into corporate life. With the hustle and bustle in our schedules, it’s no wonder the popularity of yoga and stretch sessions are booming. These stress relievers are what we call Fit Fusion. These events target the core body to build strength, and flexibility. They introduce techniques that connect mind, body and spirit. We include all the attributes of a flow yoga experience with just an extra emphasis on the physical practice. People enjoy doing something new and different. They leave feeling challenged, invigorated and ready to breathe through the rest of the day.
BUILD IT Any theme you inspire can make a monumental impact. We enjoy it when your TEAM gets the chance to build an actual part of a course. We can engage participants in what we call a little mini “overcome your obstacles” session. They build their own obstacles. You can dedicate each obstacle to things your TEAM wishes to work on. Additional themes have included participants pinning attributes on their shirts that need to be overcome in themselves and their life. When the race begins, they RUN RIGHT OVER these newly built obstacles! People love it!
NEED FOR SPEED If your group has avid interests, we’ve probably staged and timed it. We are dedicated professionals with over 20 years experience staging fitness events. We have seen what works and know how to champion your event. Let us bring your vision to life and get your group motivated and moving.