Why A 5K

Run/Walk MotivationWhy1
Running is a great way to rev up your metabolism and increase energy levels. Running releases endorphins. You can go from feeling fatigued and devoid of energy to excited and energized in 20 min.

Why2Right Frame of Mind
Whether they run, walk or jog across the finish, the participants leave, feeling reinvigorated, refreshed and accomplished. Be recognized as the company that brings the fun and adrenaline to your next convention.

Why3New Face of Social Networking
The power of networking is paramount and networking events are more relevant then ever in today’s business world. Face to face meetings and introductions gain more importance in our technologically driven society.

5k’s offer companies an innovative way to bring attendees together socially to network in a new space. People can meet and interact with colleagues with whom they may not have had the opportunity otherwise. Engaging them physically in a common, active atmosphere creates a more memorable experience.

Why4Trend Setting
Traditional mixers are becoming mundane and tired. Lace It Up event 5k’s, set a new trend in marketing your logo prominently, on banners, t-shirts, medals and memories.

Why5Second Running Boom
The U.S. has experienced a Second Running Boom with number of US race finishers increasing 80% since the year 2000.

In 2012, a record number of 15.5 million people finished a running events, with the 5k distance maintaining the #1 most popular distance.

Why6Corporate Wellness
Corporations are realizing the importance of investing in their audience and employees in order to foster unity and to promote teamwork.

Lace It Up Events recognizes every company has it’s own needs to cultivating camaraderie. We customize your experience in a healthy way through fitness.

Contributing to the community is a vital component for people from all industries and walks of life. The 5k makes a perfect avenue for partnerships with a specific cause to benefit from the event.

We have the capacity to reflect each cause in it’s own light and create a way to give back.

Why8Awards and Recognition
One of the best instruments for boosting and maintaining morale among your team and collegues are awards and recognition opportunities.

Everyone’s a winner that crosses the finish line and you make it all possible.

WIN at your next gathering, by having Lace it Up Events produce a turn key, engaging 5k.